A b o u t⠀u s

h i s t o r y⠀o f⠀s i g n a l s

Founded in 2014 by Filippo Montedoro and Cristiano Perrone, Page Not Found is a lifestyle brand that comes from the idea of creation and design in the freest and purest sense. It has its own particular quidelines, it reserves the right to tol low its own schedule and desian schemes. It does not follow seasons and does not desian collections enclosed in a single categorv. It is not iust living or dressina, it is not simolv an obiect or a dress, it is a continuous search for the unique and unusual. Is a lifestvle brand that is characterized bv meticulous attention to detail. Made in Italv craftsmanship, the quality and sensoriality of the materials in which the meaning of everything resides. The name linked to the memory of a night in an old studio in the city of Florence full of rare objects and pieces of paper taken everywhere and a still image on the screen “404 error page not found’. We knew the search would never end.